Honorary Life Member recipients

Chris Orr
Peter Johnson
Robert Llewellyn
Norm Winn
Peter Sutherland
Terence Smith
Barry Lee
Bob Bell
Daryl Knight
John Paterson
Rupert Lowe
M. McKenzie
K. Boyce
Frederick Kerr
F. Minchin
W. Barnett
Chris Baxter
F. Matthews
G. Clarkcuz
George Cuzner
Joyce Watkins
A. Campbell
C. Morgan
F. Brooke
Harry Marryatt
N. Strother-Smith
P. Bugbee
T. Duke

An Honorary Life Member has in the opinion of the FPA Australia Board of Directors rendered exceptional service in the work of fire prevention and fire protection in Australia or overseas for a period in excess of fifteen (15) years.

At the Association’s AGM motions in favour of new Honorary Life Members can be voted on by the membership. If carried new Honorary Life Members will be announced at the Gala Award Dinner.