Independent Panel Judged Awards

Winners have been announced at the 2017 Fire Protection Industry Awards   VIEW 2017 AWARD RECIPIENTS

Harry Marryatt Fire Protection Company of the Year
1-49 Employees and 50+ Employees

In honour of Harry Marryatt and the founding principle of the Association, FPA Australia recognises those companies that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to the Australian fire protection industry via the Harry Marryatt Fire Protection Company of the Year Award.

This award is the most prestigious award available to companies and truly symbolises excellence. 


Fire Protection Project of the Year
Under $1million and Over $1million

This Award recognises outstanding management and administration of a fire protection project that showcases the alliance between the managing company, the design team including the consultant/engineer, and the contractor to successfully complete the fire protection project. The project may be from within any market type including; residential, office/retail, industrial, mixed use or any combination of uses. It may be within a comprehensive development or a single building and could either be a public or private sector project.


Young Achiever of the Year

This award recognises the outstanding achievement of young leaders in the Australian fire protection industry.
The young achiever may have implemented change within their business or organisation that has impacted how people think and perform for the better. They may have overcome difficulty or adversity in order to achieve outstanding outcomes within the fire protection industry. Recipients of this award would have demonstrated levels of competence in industry best practice. These achievements maybe in the successful delivery of projects, sales, customer service, technical excellence or industry involvement. 



Barry Lee Technical Excellence

The Barry Lee Technical excellence award recognises outstanding technical contribution to the Australian fire protection industry. This award honours the tremendous work Barry Lee has achieved over a 50 years plus in the industry.

The recipient will have contributed to a relevant technical working committee but generally includes activity on Standards Australia (FP) Committees, FPA Australia Technical Advisory Committees, Special Interest Groups, State & Territory membership Groups or other recognised working groups.





Meritorious Service

The Meritorious Award (up to 2 per year) is given to FPA Australia members who have made a significant contribution to the Association that requires special acknowledgement for serving and representing the fire protection industry

The recipient must have served on FPA Australia's Board, participated on a relevant FPA Australia committee, e.g. Technical Advisory Groups, State & Territory Membership Groups, Special Interest Groups or represented FPA Australia on committees such as Standards Australia or the Australian Building Codes Board. In addition recipients must hold corporate or organisational membership for their business, or be employees of corporate or organisational members, or hold a personal level of membership or be associated with an organisational membership.


A.V. Viscogliosi Outstanding Service

The A.V. Viscogliosi award recognises "Excellence for Outstanding Service to Fire Protection". The award was established in 1996 (not awarded until 1998) in honour of the late Tony Viscogliosi. It commemorates the significant contribution Tony made to the fire protection industry throughout his distinguished and varied career by recognising the work of a deserving individual currently working in fire protection.

This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding contribution to the fire protection industry. Like the Meritorious Service Awards the Outstanding Service Award is nominated and selected by the FPA Australia Board of Directors.


Honorary Life Member

An Honorary Life Member has in the opinion of the FPA Australia Board of Directors rendered exceptional service in the work of fire prevention and fire protection in Australia or overseas for a period in excess of fifteen (15) years. 

At the Association’s AGM motions in favour of new Honorary Life Members can be voted on by the membership. If carried new Honorary Life Members will be announced at the Gala Award Dinner.


Platinum Member Recognition

Given the critically important nature of our Platinum members in achieving the Association's Vision of leading and supporting a professional industry, we will briefly honour each of our Platinum members with a recognition award as part of the gala awards dinner.
Platinum membership is the highest level of membership available and is reserved for those companies and organisations that wish to take a highly active and leadership role in the fire protection industry and the activities of the Association. 
Due to the importance of Platinum membership status, new Platinums are only approved via direct application to the Association's Board of Directors. The total number of Platinum members is limited and a strict criteria for acceptance to Platinum status applies to all applications.